Guatemala City Temple

Guatemala City Temple
Here is where we will be working until Nov. 2018


Dear Readers,

We hope as you read this blog of our mission to the Guatemala City Temple in Guatemala you will feel the joy and happiness we are experiencing by being in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We hope you can experience some of what we feel.

John and Christine

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Monday, December 17, 2018

December 10th through December 16th

December 10th through December 16th: Monday I worked on finishing the duct for the dryer and wiring the last of the can lights and plugs in the hall.  Mom went to lunch with an old high school friend.  Tuesday I framed around the duct work in our bedroom and finished all the wiring in that room. Mom went to the dentist to see what she needs to have done.  She had a tooth pulled in Guatemala and will need at least one implant and a crown. 

The ceiling is ready for sheet rock.
Wednesday I got all the loose ends done and my work is ready for the rough inspection.   The plumber came and finished the pan for the new shower and the drain for the washer so his work is ready also.  Mom went into Salt Lake to Blomquist Hale, where she is going to work as a therapist.  She met with the HR person who gave her a lot of material that she has to read and sign.  She has to have a background check to see if she is a “shady” character.  She did get finger-printed and we are relieved she has no criminal record.  In the evening, we went to Badger, Moose and Ellie’s Christmas program at their school.  It was fun to see them all perform. 

 Badger plays the trombone.

Click below to hear Badger
Badger playing the trombone
Moose plays the Cello.

Click below to hear Moose
Moose playing the Cello
Ellie singing in the choir for her Christmas program.  She is the blond in middle of the front row in the grey dress.
Thursday morning the inspector came and said I needed to do three more things before he could sign off and we can start to hang sheet rock.  So I went and purchased 3 smoke detectors and a smoke/carbon dioxide detector and hard wired them in the two bedrooms and halls.  I thought that they could be surface mounted and battery operated, but the code says in new construction they have to be wired and in a series so if one goes off the all go off.  I had to lower the ceiling in the new bathroom because of the dryer duct and the walls need some fire blocking.  The last thing is I need to provide more combustible air for the furnace.  This meant that I needed to cut a hole in the brick and put a grill on it so air from outside can flow into the furnace room.  Thursday I got the hole in the brick done.  I called for a re-inspection, but they don’t work on Friday so it is scheduled for next Monday.  In the evening, we went to Evan’s Christmas concert.
Evan's Christmas Concert

Evan plays the violin.
Friday we went to the temple and then did some shopping for counter tops, tile and vinyl flooring.  We think we have found what we want to use.  I started cutting sheet rock in anticipation of getting approval on Monday to start hanging sheet rock.

This is what we are thinking we will use. Vinyl planking for the floor, white cabinets, grey quartz counter-tops, and carrera marble with grey square tiles for the back splash.

The washer and dryer will be stacked, so the dryer vent and gas line are up high.
Mom took Rigby, Stanford, Luke, Jake and Ellie to the play, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.  

Mom took our 4 eight-year-old grandsons to the play, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." Left to right:  Rigby, Stanford, Jake, and Luke.  Ellie came along too.
Saturday I got all the fire blocking done and all but 6 pieces of sheet rock cut.  I also took a load of trash to the dump.  

Truck loaded for the dump.
Sheet rock is everywhere.
Only a few pieces of sheet rock left to cut.
Moose, age 13, made the semi-finals in the cha-cha at his dance competition.  

Click below to see Moose dancing.

Sunday we went to church and Mom and I cooked a pot roast, potatoes and gravy and broccoli dinner.  That is the meal we had when our children were small almost every Sunday.  It brought back a lot of memories.  
Pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, Yum
I got sustained as the Temple and Family History specialist in the ward.  We are starting to feel like we are putting down some roots and that we will be here for awhile.  Life is good and if we can just get into our apartment things will be great.  We are very blessed.

Monday, December 10, 2018

December 3rd through December 9th

December 3rd through December 9th:  Monday morning the inspector came and passed the sub-plumbing.  So I went to Home Depot and bought 14-60 lbs bags of concrete and a tub to mix it in. Carrying 60 pound bags of concrete from the garage to the basement is not my kind of fun.  I then filled the trench with dirt and packed the dirt down and then mixed concrete and patched the slab around the plumbing.  I still have to patch under the vanity in our bathroom that I reinstalled so we could have a wash basin, but at least I can keep going on Badger’s bathroom.  

Hand mixing concrete is a lot of work.
My concrete skills are just barely adequate. 
I will finish fixing the slab under the vanity when I demo our bathroom.  I spent the afternoon wiring the new plugs in our kitchen.  I added 4 new dedicated circuits, one for the refrigerator, one for the microwave oven, one for the plugs above the counter, and one for the dishwasher and disposal.  In the evening we went to Jake’s Christmas program at his school.  The third graders certainly have a lot of energy.  

Jake is the blondie on the back row center.
Tuesday I framed the rest of the bathroom, putting up walls at the back of the washer and dryer in our apartment and the walls for Badger’s shower.  I finished wiring his bathroom with 3 can lights, a light above the vanity and a ground fault plug by the vanity.  It is now ready for the plumber to come and rough in the plumbing in the kitchen, washer and dryer, and the new bathroom.  My nephew, Drew, delivered our kitchen cabinets and told me that they were going to discontinue the line of cabinets that I had purchased and that if I wanted any more I had to order then today.  
Badger and John B carried the cabinets down from the garage.
I talked to John and Jill and showed them what our cabinets were going to look like and told them we could get a good deal if they wanted me to figure out a cabinet plan for their main floor.   I spent half a day drawing plans for their kitchen, laundry room, half bath, front room, music/multipurpose room and the kid’s upstairs bathroom.  I emailed the list to Drew and he asked how much we wanted to pay.  I had also added cabinets for our bedroom, 3 rooms in James’ house and a few cabinets for Kate’s bath and laundry room.  I couldn’t get a hold of John or Jill and Drew wanted an answer if we were going to buy more cabinets.  So I said we would take them all for $2,500.  He said that would be great.  Wow, what a blessing.  I had just purchased 18 cabinets for our kitchen for about the same amount of money and that was 30% of what it would have cost if I would have built the cabinets myself.  So we bought 150 cabinets for $2,500.  
We had another snow storm.
Wednesday Jill had a designer come in and go over the cabinet plans for the main floor.  She made a couple of changes, but overall liked what I had drawn.  It was a good thing, because we weren’t going to be able to make a lot of changes.   In the afternoon, I worked on wiring our bedroom with 4 can lights and some new plugs.  I also rented another storage unit and ordered a 26 foot Uhaul truck to move the cabinets we had just ordered.  In the evening, we went to the ward Christmas party and enjoyed a nice evening in our new ward. Two choirs from Bountiful High School provided the entertainment, one the girl’s choir and one boys choir.  
Neighborhood Christmas dinner.
Girls choir from Bountiful High.

Click below to hear the choir.

Girl's choir

Boys choir.  I graduated from Bountiful High.
Everyone brought their favorite picture of Christ.
Thursday I picked up the truck and headed to West Valley to get the cabinets.  It took me all morning to load the truck.  I had to hand stack a lot of the cabinets in order to make enough room for all of them.  These cabinets are very heavy and I was wiped out when I got finished.  I did not have the energy to unload the cabinets into the storage unit so I told U-haul that I would need the truck for another day.  

The truck is loaded and I am exhausted.
The plumber came in the afternoon and rough plumbed the basement.  He did not have everything he needed to run the gas lines for the stove and dryer so he will have to come back next Tuesday.  

The bathroom is looking a little more like it is ready for sheet-rock.
Mom had an interview and got a job as a therapist at Blomquist Hale.  In the evening, we went to Holbrook elementary school to see the 3rd through 6th grade choir perform.  We have 3 grandsons in the choir.  

Holbrook children's choir.

Click below to hear the choir

Children's choir

L to R Miles, Luke and Kimball

Friday First thing I made Swedish pancakes for Jake’s birthday and then I went to Home Depot in Salt Lake and got two laborers to help me unload the truck.  It took us till noon to unload and organize all the cabinets.  I took some up to the house for the two bathrooms in the basement and the cabinets that I added for our bedroom.  

The storage unit is organized.
I then went and bought the duct work for the dryer vent and the bathroom fan for Badger’s bath.  I worked on installing that duct work for the rest of the day.  Saturday John B. got up and helped me cut two holes through the brick for the two vents that I have been working on.  We worked till noon and then mom and I went to the dance recital for Abby, Kate’s daughter.  
Abby is in the middle front row.
What a cutie.
We then drove to James’ and delivered some of his cabinets.  We went to dinner with his family and tried to go to a live nativity, but we had the day wrong and it was on Friday night.  

Sunday we went to church and then in the late afternoon we all met at Charlotte’s home for dinner and a Christmas gift exchange for all the kids.  We had a Chinese themed dinner and I had made two dishes.  After dinner, we got Ginny, Sam and their girls in California on Facetime for the gift exchange.  It was fun to see the kids so excited for presents.  What a week of activities and work.  At the end of each day my body tells me I have done too much and that I am too old be doing what I am doing.  So I take some Tylenol and go to bed.  I am thankful that in the morning I don’t feel quite so sore and that I can keep going.  We are so blessed and are enjoying our grandkids so much.  
Fun with Poppa.
The Christmas gift exchange begins.
The other day our grandson, Moose, who is 13, told his mom that he liked having Nana and Poppa living with them.  We so hope that we can bless their lives and have a positive influence on them, because they are having a positive influence on us.  For those of you who missed our report and would like to see us, we will be speaking on December 23rd at the chapel on 18th avenue (589 East 18th Avenue, Salt Lake City) The time has changed because they are only going to have one meeting.  It will start at 11:30 am.

Monday, December 3, 2018

November 26th through December 2nd

November 26th through December 2nd:  Monday I got to the Home Depot in Salt Lake and rented a concrete cutting saw when they opened at 6:00 am.  I thought I could get the concrete cut for the new bathroom in 4 hours.  So I rented the saw for 4 hours, but it took till 4:00 pm to finish the job.  I hurried back and rented a jack hammer to break up the concrete I had just cut.  I finished removing the concrete about 7:00 pm and took the jack hammer back.  So that tool only cost the 4 hours.  The concrete saw I had to rent for a full day.  
Concrete cut and removed.
Looking for the pipe I had to remove our vanity and then reinstall it.

Tuesday I removed all the dirt and trenched so the plumber can get the pipes in.  We then went to lunch with my siblings at Van’s condo in Salt Lake.  

Dirt removed and ready for the plumber.
L to R Mom, Me, Van, Tad, Alice and Tove, Tad's wife. Van's wife is taking the picture. 

Wednesday Mom and I steamed off all the wallpaper in the 2 big rooms.  Then I started laying out, cutting the holes and pulling wire for the can lights.  There will 43 when I am done.   In the afternoon we went and met with an insurance salesman and got signed up for a Medicare-Advantage plan.  

In order to remove the wallpaper we had to move the sheet-rock.  Mom was a big help and helped me move 38 sheets of sheet-rock.

Thursday the plumber came and got the pipes in so I can pour the cement and finish the framing. I continued with the wiring in the basement.  

Wall paper removed and wires hanging from the holes for the cans. 
The plumber is done.

Friday morning we met with the temple president and talked about a sealing shift and ordinance worker shift.  He left it up to us to pick a day and a shift.  We then drove to Sandy to watch Tilda dance at the Festival of Trees.  In the afternoon, we finished moving the storage unit.  We took my sister, Alice, to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  She will be 72!  

Tilda is on the left.
Charlotte, Tilda and mom.

Saturday I got in a full day of wiring and finished wiring 30 of the 43 can lights.    

I had to tear down the sheet-rock in the hall between Badger's room and his bathroom in order to install 4 can lights.
Cans are installed.
More cans installed and giving us plenty of light.
Sunrise from Van's condo that Maude, his wife, shared with us.

Sunday we went to John and Jill’s ward for the first time.  We went over early and one of the counselors in the bishopric asked if we wanted our names read in during the sacrament meeting.  He requested our membership and we are now officially members of the Muller Park 4th ward.  We went to Charlotte and Alex’s for dinner and to watch the First Presidency’s devotional.  We came out and it had snowed and our car was covered.  We made it home and I got out the snow blower and cleared the driveway and walks at John’s house.  

Headed to dinner at Charlotte's.
After dinner surprise.
Clearing the driveway at John's.

Snow is not my favorite thing.  We are making progress on the apartment and hope to be finished in 8 weeks, but I am feeling my age.